Geo-intelligence, our expertise

Geo4i combines the expertise of image analysts and geomatics skills from the Ministry of Defense

Who we are ?

Geo4i is a reactive SME able to adapt itself quickly to customer needs

It gives you the benefit of its employees with proven experience in imagery, information search and geospatial analysis.

We bring you a new view on access, on processing and on enhancement of information and geolocated data.
Our analytical and spatial approach offers perspectives and solutions in many fields such as defence, security, business intelligence, monitoring, risk management, …

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our tools :

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Our disciplines :

Imagery Intelligence


The picture shows a present or past reality. Regardless of the area of the globe, the satellite image has the advantage of making it easily accessible. The image is a real vector of information.

It has a lot of useful information that only a specialized operation will extract, analyze and value.

Indeed, misused or taken out of context, it may influence a decision maker by falsifying a situation analysis.


Geospatial Intelligence


GEOINT is the inescapable decision making tool. to visually synthesize the knowledge and deepen understanding of a phenomenon, territory and its issues. It offers a multi-vision and a multiscale offering many opportunities in your business environment of information management.


This discipline can extract high-value information by crossing a large amount of data located in both time and space.

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The objectives of these disciplines :

  • Geostrategic / Strategic analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Monitoring / evolution of activities and infrastructures
  • Change detection
  • Damage assessment
  • Direct support to operations (civil, security, military)
  • Situation analysis to facilitate decision making
  • Monitoring and understanding of a situation

Our partners selection :

Space imagery at very high resolution : Geo4i has partnered with European Space Imaging, the leading satellite imagery provider in Europe and North Africa.

High-resolution and SAR (radar) imagery: Geo4i has partnered with SI Imaging Service, satellite imagery provider of KOMPSAT constellation.

Low and high resolution imagery and space videos : Geo4i has partnered with UrtheCast, satellite imagery provider of DEIMOS constellation and space videos THEIA and IRIS.

They rely on us :