A comprehensive offer enriched with new databases to identify mobile defence targets

Airbus Defence and Space, a true leader in geospatial information and defence intelligence, and Geo4I, an expert in geo-intelligence, have combined their expertise to enhance the Airbus RECCE Engine ® – a semi-automatic recognition tool that has been enriched with new defence equipment databases created by Geo4I. Today the RECCE Engine ® content management system is already operational in over 50 organisations worldwide, offering mobile objects recognition from a database of more than 1,500 objects, with thousands of new data points on defence and security equipment for land, sea and air to be added.

During mission preparation, defence and security operations require identification of military mobile targets in order to evaluate the threat and provide the most adaptable answer. To meet these growing challenges, the new RECCE Engine ® offer, with Geo 4I databases, will enable users to rapidly recognise and identify every mobile target on pictures, aerial and satellites images and video.

In service since more than ten years in various intelligence organizations, RECCE Engine ® is a human-friendly content management system based on advanced recognition keys and data models developed by Airbus. Recognition is rendered easier by the use of an intuitive man-machine interface (MMI). With Geo4I as our partner, creation and updates of target data enable authorised users to enrich media galleries (images, documents, 3D modelling) and contribute to maximising their knowledge database.

Source : https://www.intelligence-airbusds.com/en/9424-partnership-agreement-with-geo4i-for-image-intelligence?deliveryName=FCP_16_DM6587

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