Geo4i and Risk&Co have recently joined forces to form a strategic partnership in the field of ISR (Intelligence – Surveillance – Reconnaissance) and GEOINT (satellite imagery). This partnership will enable them to offer a 100% French solution, that is both integrated and unique on the security market.

Geo4i RiskandCo

Geo4i is a French company specialised in the processing and enhancement of geospatial information. It possesses a well-established expertise in the fields of spatial imaging (processing and analysis) and geospatial analysis. Geo4i’s service offer is wide-ranging and includes consulting, training, analysis, the supply of spatial imagery and the development of tools dedicated to the processing and analysis of geospatial imaging and data. As such, Geo4i operates across the entire spectrum of the geospatial information value chain and is ideally placed to support its customers from end-to-end.

For its part, Risk&Co is the French leader in consulting and engineering in the fields of safety and security and risk management in France and internationally. Risk&Co offers specific ISR services dedicated to the safety of infrastructures and people, both in France and abroad. Such offer enables its customers to protect and monitor their operating sites while controlling the risks incurred and limiting the impact of dreaded events. The ISR resources and UAVs implemented by Risk&Co fall into 4 main categories: tele-operated drones, anti-UAVs, satellite imagery (GEOINT) and manned ISR.

The alliance of the two companies is born from the complementary nature of their respective expertise (ISR and GEOINT), which allows them to offer an innovative, reliable, service adapted to the needs encountered by companies in their operations, especially in hazardous areas:

  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) constitutes an integrated, intelligence and operations-oriented function that encompasses the acquisition, analysis and transmission of accurate, relevant and timely information to support operational decision-making. Risk&Co applies this doctrine of use of ISR to the provision of an operational service that can be used by companies in any kind of industry;


  • GEOINT, for its part, enables the digital description of a physical territory or phenomena through the association of large amounts of geolocalised, relevant data. Combining spatial imagery, open sources and customer data, GEOINT offers a multi-layered and multiscalar vision of a given environment.


The combination of these two areas of expertise enables Risk&Co and GEO4I to provide both their public and private customers with a unique service. This integrated ISR service, empowered by a strong GEOINT component, has many high value applications in the following areas:


Image analysis (Optical, Infrared, Radar):

  • Security audit
  • Strategic watch
  • Subsidence study
  • Site and itinerary study
  • Activity report
  • Change detection
  • Damage assessment
  • Operations support
  • Specific products, on request


Geospatial analysis:

  • Decision-making support products
  • Vulnerability studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk assessment
  • 2D, 3D, 4D spatial analysis
  • Dynamic and interactive maps
  • Geospatial products, on demand (digital and web)


These two offers already have concrete applications, both with public customers (such as governments in their defence and security prerogatives, or international organisations) and private customers (companies wishing to capitalise on their geospatial information and then analyse it: business watch and intelligence, production monitoring, etc.).

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