Our business: accompany you to face challenges in the exploitation of imagery and geoinformation.

Satellite imagery reseller

Geo4i has established several partnerships to be able to meet all your needs for space-based data. New partnerships are being explored to complement our product line.

Simply order your images by contacting us!

Some simple questions to ask …
What is my area of interest? What I want to see? When? How many times? For what budget?

For the most suitable response to your needs, Geo4i provides you the most appropriate imaging, in the delivery method of your choice.



SkySat-2 Image of Port-au-Prince, Haiti on July 10, 2014skysat-2

1 (1)


K3 Mauritanie

K3 IRQ Bagdad

K3 israel tel aviv


Get the most out of your data


Manage and organize geospatial information.

Acquire images and geo data adjusted.

Extract anf format relevant information.


To identify appropriate tools required.

To adapt and optimize the tools in place.

To accompany the inclusion of tools.

To ensure short courses.

To take in acount the cost / efficiency.


To establish appropriate tools required.

To conduct audits and assessments.

To help in specifying the needs and choices.

Technology watch in the field of geomatics.

Case study of using space imagery.


Geo4i combines the expertise of highly trained image analysts and experts in geomatics.

Need more information ? This site is it sensitive ? What is my competitor ?

This strategic mine is it still operating ? What type of ship docked at the port ?

Is this dam stable ? How to protect my site ?

This information is it reliable ? This refinery emits it ?

And you ? Needs an answer ?

IMINT analysis

Specialist imagery and covering the entire spectrum dedicated to Earth Observation (Optical, Infrared, Radar), Geo4i performs for your benefit :

  • Security audit
  • Strategic watch
  • Study of subsidence
  • Site survey, route survey
  • Activity Report
  • Change detection
  • Damage assessment
  • Operations Support
  • Specific products on request

Some illustrations

Détection rapide activité

Geo4i_Oil field Syria

GEOINT analysis

Specialist, Geo4i performs for your benefit :

  • Decision support products
  • Studies of vulnerability
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk assessment
  • Spatial analysis 2D, 3D, 4D
  • Dynamic and interactive maps
  • Geospatial products on demand (digital and web)

Interactive and dynamic maps

Our interactive maps allow you to merge multimedia data from various sources on a single support / carrier. Users can directly interact with the data it contains. This allows for better understanding of issues.

Many advantages :

  • Javascript technology Web / HTML5
  • No installation required
  • Interoperable with any type of system
  • Readable by all browsers
  • Works without internet connection

For more details, visit this page.

To carry out our Websearch activities (OSINT – SOCMINT) which require profesional data collection Platform, we also use the CIKISI Platform from the company of the same name.



Cikisi_Présentation Produit_EN Version


Geo4i offers training tailored to different levels / modules in IMINT – GEOINT – TOOLS.

Geo4i Training

General training

All courses are tailored form of adjustable modules as needed.

  • Geographic information
  • Remote sensing
  • Satellite imagery
    • Optical
    • Multispectral
    • Radar
  • Image analysis
  • Geospatial analysis – GEOINT


Job training

We offer customized training sessions, adapted to the areas of security and defense in order to optimize the management and dissemination of geographic information.

  • Needs in imagery
  • “IQ”: Image quality & analysis
  • IMINT Training
    • Fondamentals
    • Advanced
    • Exercices
  • GEOINT Training
    • Exercices