About us

Originally, Geo4i is a service company whose goal is to meet the needs of its customers in image and geospatial analysis.

It provides you its team who have a huge experience in these fields of expertise.

We give you a new vision on access, processing, analysis and enhancement of geolocated information.
Our approach offers you prospects and solutions in many areas such as defense, security, business intelligence, monitoring, risk management, insurance, agriculture …

Our activites are focused on the delivery of raw satellite images, consulting, training/education, analysis and exploitation of these images as well as the development of analysis methodologies and specific processing tools.

With its expertise and taking advantage of its customer feedback, the company has invested in the development of a geospatial platform specialized in Big data management as well as tools for analysis and vectorization.

Resulting from a long phase of Research and Development, Geospace thus has a range of tools to assist analysis (help in identifying equipment, automatic processing chains, …) and inputting new information.

Geo4i, it’s also:

  • A continuous technological watch
  • A network of experts and partners
  • Human values

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